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Are the Trump Tower blocks edible?

No, do not eat the game. Ingestion of Trump Tower blocks can result in serious medical conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Psychological disorders such as acute megalomania, delusions of grandeur, compulsive lying and uncontrollable vitriolic tweeting
  • An orange discoloration of the skin and hair
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Extreme pettiness
  • Abnormal libido
  • Misogynistic tendencies

If swallowed contact poison control/psychiatrist immediately.

How do I play Trump Tower?

Once the blocks are stacked, each player removes one block per turn and places it on the top of the tower. Eventually the tower, which represents America, will collapse once enough of its cherished foundation is removed.

Are Dump Trump Dog Poo Bags really made of Donald Trump's hair? If so, does that mean they are toxic?

We apologize but this is a trade secret and we cannot disclose our proprietary blend.

Is Trump Tower suitable for use by baboons and/or lowland gorillas?

We highly encourage the use of Trump Tower by lowland gorillas however use by baboons is not recommended at this time.

Where are Trump Tower and Dump Trump made?

How do I win the game?

You can’t. With Trump involved, nobody wins!

Can I use Dump Trump Dog Poo Bags and Dispenser with cats? What about humans?

Our bags have been certified by the American Scatological Olfactory Research Council as suitable for the scooping of all types of animal feces below the size of megalonychidae (sloth).

Can Trump Tower be played in mico-gravity environments?

Yes! Extensive testing has shown that Trump Tower is as entertaining in the micro-gravity of near-Earth orbit as it is on the surface of the planet. However, eye protection should be used in micro-gravity environments to prevent blocks from accidentally floating into your eyes.

At first the game was super fun but afterward I felt depressed and couldn't stop crying. Am I doing something wrong?

No. This is normal.